Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Summary and Thesis: Sustainability Effort

In the article "Sustainability Effort" (n.d.) reported that long hours of brainstorming is needed to make Gardens by the Bay a successful model of environmental sustainability. This is to ensure that the systems in the gardens are able to function and sustain by themselves without much maintenance issues. These system compromises the Lake system, the Conservatories and supertrees are inter-dependent to one another hence to self-sustain and achieve environmental friendly principles. The Lake systems acts as a biotope that accommodates the aquatic animals and plants which later on helps to cleanse the surface run-off as well as the lake itself. Subsequently, it is mentioned that the filtered water is then discharge in Marina Reservoir and also used for the irrigation purposes. Moreover, the Conservatories are equipped with advanced technology allowing the two biomes to simulate the climate temperature suitable to certain region to accommodate in-house rare plants in Singapore. In addition, the solar planes installed on Supertrees are also highlighted in the article to enable the trees to harvest electricity. 

I would support these efforts, as I believe it can make a different to the current environment. It is also to helps improve the ecosystem as well as the aesthetic of Singapore. It is an additional effort to make Singapore a greener city. In June 2009, Ministry of Environment and Water Resource has initiated the 1st edition of Active, Beautiful and Clean water guideline (ABC). This initiative is basically to encourage developers in Singapore to adopt ABC Waters design features in their developments.


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