Tuesday, 13 September 2016


To: Brad Blackstone
From: Ahmad Naqeef
Date: 11 September 2016
Subject: Introduction of myself

Dear Brad,

I am Ahmad Naqeef Bin Mohd Hatta. I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic six years ago along with  a diploma in Civil and Structural Engineering. A week after I got my diploma, I was forced to serve national service. I was enlisted in Singapore Civil Defence Force. I had a memorable two years experience in the force as a fire fighter. Subsequently, I started working right after my national service. I decided to join the construction sector to gain more experience. My interest in managing the construction site developed and I considered furthering my studies to widen my knowledge. However, my application was not successful despite multiple tries. I was disappointed but never gave up. I kept my hopes high. Finally this year, I was given the chance from SIT to further my studies. My aim is to make a lot of friends and enjoy my learning journey in SIT.

I would like to thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you every Monday and Friday. 

Ahmad Naqeef
SIE student

Revise on the 18 September 2016


  1. Thank you, Ahmad, for this well crafted, informative letter. The nature of your perseverance comes through very clearly. (Very admirable!) Stylistically, you might want to join a few of the simple sentences in the first couple lines. Also, if you follow the salutation with a comma, the close (Cheers) should be followed by one as well.

    1. Hi Brad, thanks for the comment. Noted and will pay more attention to it.

  2. I can totally relate to you when you said "forced to serve national service". Brings back my fond memories of those days. Anyway, your letter is clear and concise. You gave a detailed background in one paragraph and I really admire you never give up attitude. Keep it up!

  3. Dear Ahmad, I like how your letter is simple yet sending the spirit of "never giving up" message. It is indeed a very admirable spirit, keep it going man!