Sunday, 11 September 2016

Your English Language Learning

English equates to failure. That is my perception of English language. I foresee myself failing every time I do any English related modules or subject. It is a jinx for myself to take up English lessons. However, at the back of my mind, English language is equally as important as your job. This brings me back to my experience of how English is very important in working life. I was previously working in a construction sector and during the interview, I was asked by my boss regarding my English proficiency. His first question was how much have I improved my English language after receiving my O-level results. I was stunned. I began to question myself why he asked such a question instead of technical questions related to the job or my strengths.

After working with him for a year, I realized English plays an important role in Singapore. English allows me to communicate with the people I worked with. As most of my colleagues are from other countries, I use English as a common language to communicate. I realize that I need to be proficient in English in order to lay down my ideas correctly to other colleagues. I send out a lot of emails to contractors to raise site issues that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Therefore, I need to instruct both consultant and contractors clearly and accurately in order for them to complete the job on time. This will require me to have a good grasp of the language to be able to communicate with them effectively. This has changed my perception of how important English is. A great engineer that can speak and write well will be able to influence and complete their task on time.

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  2. Hi Ahmad,

    I like your conclusion as you had a change of perception in English language. You summarized the essay through your previous job and developed yourself to communicate English more often. Strong content on the essay!

    However, I hope you specify the topic as I am a bit unsure if you are talking about "Your English Language Learning" or "The Importance of English learning". It has a slight confusion as your essay answered both questions. Also, there are some minor issues on certain sentences such as the word "realize" with a past tense and then a present tense. Thank you for sharing your experience !


    1. Thanks for pointing out bro. I will take note of this, Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this clearly focused post reflection, Ahmad. It's interesting to hear about your experience during the interview. It's also clear from your description of your work experience that you have the need for good English comm skills to even do your work. This ties in with the interview info that I shared with you from my former students. Hopefully, SIE2016 can help you along on this journey.

    By the way, there is one resounding problem, language-wise, with this post: verb tense inconsistency. let's work on that. See me if you have questions.