Friday, 25 November 2016

Analytical Reflection

This essay is a reflection on "Reducing Overcrowding on public buses" presentation. It will be analysing on my performance and planning during the presentation. I think it is important to identify the mistakes made by myself so that I can examine and find alternative ways to improve it.

Anxious was the feeling I experienced before the presentation as my group were the first few groups to present our ideas. I tried to calm myself by running through the points in mind. However, I was unable to control my nervousness that causes me to panic. My mind went blank and I did pause for few seconds during the presentation before I continue as I tried to recall the important points to bring up. Filer words were used unconsciously every time I made a pause to remember my points. Feeling panicked and overwhelming of nervousness causing me to pay less attention maintaining eye contact with the audience. I realise body posture was another factor that I was indigent. As I was concentrating on remembering the points, I tend to neglect the proper standing position such as standing facing the audience and fidgeting. Overall, I think I did quite poorly for the presentation as compared to my group mates. However, I was glad that I manage to put the idea across the audience.

In the future, I need to plan the sequences of flow for the points to be presented. By designing the sequences of flow, it can help me remember better, and presentation points will flow in more logical manner. Subsequently, I will need to practice my presentation in front of a small group of friends. By doing this mini presentation, I can get an instant feedback from them so that I can improve on the weak points before the actual presentation. Furthermore, I think I will see a significant improvement if I start participating in a public speaking regularly to gain confidence. On top of this, presentation skill is an essential skill in the workforce as it enable us to present our idea across clearly.  I will try another alternative way to improve my presentation skill if the above ideas do not work.


  1. Thank you, Ahmad, for your detailed self analysis. I appreciate the effort for the presentation and for the reflection on that here. I can relate to your nervousness since when I was younger was generally freaked out whenever I had to speak in front of others.
    For me the secret to being more comfortable now is three fold: 1) I really try hard to have a deep knowledge of my content, which is connected to 2) I have lots of experience now, so content is not such a problem, and 3) I really avoid talking about things I know nothing or little about. Recently I had an invitation to go to Indonesia to talk about how to teach English speaking using technology. Honestly, I don't teach "English speaking" so much, and I only would have had a month to prepare (and I am busy), and I am not such a good bullshitter, so I declined.

    My advice to you is to do as you feel inclined to do, take any opportunity that presents itself to speak publicly, and just continue learning and developing. I noticed in your personal statement that you have good experience working. Share that whenever you have an opportunity. Seize the day, man!

    Thanks again for your effort!

    1. Hi Brad, I would like to thank you for the long comments you make every post. Appreciate it a lot. I enjoy reading your comments. How I wish I can write as well as you. Through your comments, I realise my common mistakes that I should take note of at the end of this module. Such common mistake includes my sentence structure and tenses which I will put extra caution in the future. Cheers!

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  3. Thank You Ahmad for being so honest with your feeling in this reflection. Do not be worried about making mistakes when presenting, life is about always improving ourselves. I am very sure that you will definitely improve your presentation skills with more practice and confidence in yourself. It has been a pleasure learning alongside you and cheers to more modules together!

    With Regards,